What Everyone Wants

A couple of years ago, I had a very intense friendship with someone. It was someone who really pushed me to take a serious look at many aspects of my life. We came in contact through business. He is an incredibly successful person by anyone’s standards. We came to know each other as individuals. Not prejudging the other in any shape or form. (more…)

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Letting Go

Writing my last blog post required a huge amount of energy. Once it was done, I felt empowered. What helped more was reading the comments, the DMs, the IM’s, the emails and the tweets I have received since writing it. I knew before writing it that we all put up walls to some degree. I knew that most of us also wear masks – rarely truly letting people in to see who we really are. But the validation – actually knowing I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling and that I wasn’t alone from a friendship point of view – greatly contributed to the emotional strength I now possess.

In my last blog post, I made it seem like there were only 2 ways to deal with emotional burdens: trying to decipher things or burying them. A couple of conversations with good friends reminded me there is a 3rd – and much healthier way – simply learning when to truly let go. (more…)

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