How Friendships Are Changing

The lifespan of friendships is becoming shorter and shorter over time. Just a generation ago, most people were limited to friendships based on where they currently lived, where they had lived and networks based on where they went to school, their own activities and interests, their children, their neighbors, etc. Very often people maintained friendships over their entire life not because they even necessarily liked the person but because of shared history – similar to how many view family members. (more…)

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Putting Up Walls

As I write this, I feel crushed and drained.

For several months, I’ve wanted to start this blog. I’ve felt the need to have some outlet where I could express “stuff” that has been going on inside of me. ¬†Countless times, I’ve found myself staring at the WordPress editing box. Sometimes as many as a dozen sentences will actually get typed. Then I end up backing up when I realize that I’m simply not comfortable putting myself out there to the extent that I feel the need to. A few days ago, the reason why I was having this difficulty clicked. Ironically, it is the reason why I wanted to start this blog to begin with. I’ve lived most of my life putting up walls. No, this isn’t uncommon. I suspect to some extent everyone does it. But I’m not so certain if the way I handle things is normal. (more…)

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